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Pigment Dragon's Blood

Safety Data Sheet


Dragon's Blood is a natural, bright red coloured resin extracted from tropical trees from the plant groups CrotonPterocarpusDaemonorops, or Dracaena. When crushed, Dragon's Blood can be used as a 100% plant-based pigment to obtain a red colour.  Dragon's Blood can be used with binders, for decorative arts and creative hobbies.

Dragon's Blood resin has been used since ancient times as varnish, paint, incense and dye. It is a 100% Pure natural resin with no additives and fragrances.


Scientific Name: Daemonorops Draco

Form: Red Resin

100 gr

Odour: Aromatic, strong sweet fragrance 

Country of Origin: Singapore

Pigment  Dragon's Blood

$26.00 CAD