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Mineral based pigments, synthetically recolored. Yields bright & trendy colors


Our small packets of pigments are sold by volumes (only the larger 1 kilo/2.2 pound bags are by weight). The values indicated on the labels (ex: 80ml/2.7 OZ or 150ml/5 OZ) are volumes, not weights. As every pigment has very different densities and as we use volumes of pigments for our paint recipes, we sell the smaller packages in volumes to align with our recipes. 

As natural, and oxides pigments, enhanced pigments can also be used for concrete, cement, brick and mortar. Please note, these do not have the same colouring power as the SP line of pigments, which we recommend when looking to create bright vivid colours (red, blues, greens...). It is necessary to respect ratios: a maximum 10% volume of pigment should be added to the mixture. We recommend 10kg of oxide pigment per m3 for concrete when colouring "in the mass". The pigments can also be sprinkled on the wet concrete surface and then sealed, or added directly to the sealer or be burnished with a finishing trowel to create unique effects. . We recommend to use a white cement or mortar base when adding pigments. Pigments may also be added to a sealer/protective coat. This option will require less pigment than colouring “in the mass”. 
 *Pigments are shipped in bags or containers depending on size and packaging options.
**Colours shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor differences.

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