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Alum Salt

Alum salt (also known as potash alum) is made form hydrated double potassium aluminum sulfate. It is used as a wood finish and adheres well to plant based pigments like walnut stain, sandalwood and mahogany. It also can be used as a fixer for pigments and lime paint. This product helps to balance the absorption of a surface which creates a more even finish. Alum Salt also can serve as a light protective layer. The product can also be used to clean and disinfect wood surfaces before applying natural paints.

To use:

Dissolve 100 g of Alum Salt in 1 L of hot water by stirring gently. Mix well for 5 mins until no salt remains visible. Apply to a dry and clean surface with a brush taking care to coat the whole surface evenly. Allow at least 24 hours to dry. A second coat is recommended to be applied once the first coat is dry.

VOCs: 0 g/L

Origin: Spain

Soluble: Dissolves easily in water

Odour: None

Aspect: Powder Form

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place in original and sealed package.

Tools and Cleaning: soap and water

Albi REACH-IT: YT226392-07

CAS No.: 10043-67-1

EINECS No.: 233-141-3

Chemical name and composition: POTASSIUM ALUM

Aluminum Al 2 O 3 10.6%
Iron Fe 2 O 3 0.0087%
Potassium K 2 O 10.1%
Humidity (air dry ambient temp.) 4.5%
Water insoluble residue 0.12%
Water crystallization 45.66%
Aluminum sulfate (SO 2 ) 3 Al 2 36.2%
Potassium Sulfate SO 4 K 2 6.2%

Alum Salt

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