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The cobalt pigment (inorganic pigment) is wonderful! It is very light stable, and compatible with all techniques and pigments. 


 – Etymology: cobalt pigment known since 1804, the name “Cobalt” comes from the German word “Kobalt” which means “mining spirit”.

– Colours : blue / turquoise blue / deep blue / blue-green / green 
– Composition: mixed oxides of cobalt and aluminum
– Compatibilities: with all techniques, including concrete
– Properties: very good resistance to light, bad weather, and high temperatures. They also have good resistance to acids and are compatible with lime.

 Tip: Note that cobalt pigments are more opaque in water-based techniques.


Our small packets of pigments are sold by volume (for 80ml/2,7oz), only the larger (500gr /1,1 pound bags) are sold by weight. As each pigment has very different densities and as we use volumes of pigments for our paint recipes, we sell the smaller packages in volumes to align with our recipes. 

 *Pigments are shipped in bags or containers depending on size and packaging options.
**Colours shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor differences.