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              The story of our company is, first and foremost, a love story between Canada and France. During a trip to Northern Europe, Sophie, a Canadian, met her future husband, a Frenchman, and quickly fell in love with him and France. Her mother-in-law, a Frenchwoman and an artist, introduced Sophie to natural paints and coatings and her passion for color and materials.

Sophie believed that a paint and pigment product line with natural ingredients and a low impact on health and nature would be a precious asset to North Americans, and created a company so we could enjoy access to these high-quality, natural products.

Giving North Americans and Europeans alike the opportunity to create a unique décor with natural products became an ambition and an adventure that evolved organically over many years. Sophie loved the idea that using natural products, creative application techniques, and blending color and material, would allow for safe, unique and personalized expression to reflect their creator’s style.

Today, she and her team continue to facilitate this opportunity by sourcing, along with her European partners, natural powdered paints and pigments that can withstand being transported in freezing temperatures, making painting possible year-round. The team also shares in-depth knowledge and recommendations on using rare, natural pigments from North America and Europe.

Many of these pigments, such as magnificent ochres and natural earths, are produced using artisanal manufacturing techniques that confer a unique and distinctive quality while harnessing the beauty of our natural world.



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