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The SP collection : blend of synthetic pigments (organics or inorganic /minerals) that are easily dispersing and highly concentrated.


Water-soluble ONLY (incompatible with oil & wax based products), Good UV resistance. Very little pigment yields bright & trendy colors – 10 times more colouring than regular pigments. Ideal for concrete and lime products. The color of the pigments prior to being dispersed in water is not representative of its true color. 

Our small packets of pigments are sold by volumes (only the larger 500gr or 1 kilo/2.2 pound bags are by weight).  The SP Pigments also come in 25ml and 240ml sizes. The values indicated on the labels (ex: 80ml/2.7 OZ or 150ml/5 OZ) are volumes, not weights. As every pigment has very different densities and as we use volumes of pigments for our paint recipes, we sell the smaller packages in volumes to align with our recipes. 

Most of our pigments come in powder form. The SP pigments however, are micro-beads that are water-soluble and can be used on exterior and interior surfaces. They can be mixed with water-based products (including concrete sealer). The smallest package size is 25ml and the largest package size is 15kgs to 25kgs. Our Oxides come in 25kg bags. There is no minimum order quantity. Our SP line of pigments is best for bright colours and more information on colours can be found here:
Country of Origin: Germany

 *Pigments are shipped in bags or containers depending on size and packaging options.
**Colours shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor differences.