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Deluxe Finishing Trowel | Stainless Steel

The trowel is specific to the application of coatings.
Its size, the choice of material (stainless steel, steel, plastic) and its flexibility must be adapted to the surface and the type of coating applied.
The differences in smoothers will depend mainly on the ergonomics, the resistance of the coating as well as the quality of the welds.


Finishing Trowel, Stainless Steel with trapezoidal pointed edges.

Used for burnishing technique and application of decorative coatings, such as the Stucco Palladio.

Trowel should  be cleaned immediately after use with soap and water. Properly dry to avoid rust.

200 X 80mm. For other sizes, please contact us.


Deluxe Finishing Trowel | Stainless Steel

$44.95 CAD