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Marble Dust

IC :PW18.7722
CAS : 1317-65-3
Composition: Calcium Carbonate CaCO3: 99.1% + Fe2O3:0.03% + MgCO3:0.8%

The granularities of Marble dust can vary from 0 to 400 microns. Different granularities of Marble Dust available in 1 kg, 5kg, and 25 kg bags:

  1. Extra-Fine Marble Dust (0-50μ Average diameter:10, Density: 0.7 / packed:1.35)
  2. Fine Marble Dust (0-160μ Average diameter: 30, Bulk Density: 1.1 / packed:1.5)

Marble dust is a solid waste material (by-product) generated from the processing of white marble from the Eastern Pyrenees of South France. The ground calcium carbonate is characterized by its high brightness and chemical purity. Marble Dust is used as a natural mineral pigment or as a natural mineral filler/ texture enhancer in the preparation of casein paints or lime, whitewash, coating, stucco, and cement. The addition of Marble Dust to other substances does not affect the original colour of the substance so it is a great way to enhance texture or be used as a filler with no impact on colour. Marble Dust is made from calcium carbonate and is white in colour.

How to Mix Marble Dust into Paint or other base products:

Start with a small amount of Marble dust and gradually mix it into your paint or other base product.  Add more dust to the mixture to make it thick and pasty. If the mixture is too thick, add more paint/other bases to thin it out. Continue experimenting with adding marble dust to the mixture until you are happy with the consistency.

Hardness: MOHS3

Specific Gravity: 2.7

Refractive Index: 1.59

Oil absorption: 10 g oil/ 100g pigment

Moisture content: 12%

Warning: This product is an irritant (Xi) and the use of a mask is recommended to avoid inhaling dust particles. Gloves are also recommended. 

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Marble Dust

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