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Whiting Powder


Index Colour: PW18.7722
CAS : 471-34-1 
Constitution Number: 77220
Chemical Formula: CaCO3
Composition99% Calcium Carbonate and less than 1% of quartz

Whiting Powder is also known as "White of Spain", "white of chalk", "Calcium Carbonate" or "Blanc de Meudon". It is a chalk, inorganic natural pigment.

It has many uses! It is used as a filler for primer/ paint in preparing surfaces for painting.  It is used in traditional artistic painting, lime painting and plaster. Whiting Powder is also used as a pigment filler to increase the coverage of paints, coating and whitewash. It is also used with rabbit skin glue for making traditional Gesso. It is used as a filler with glue, in engraving to wipe off excess ink, cleaning of abrasive for metals (like silverware), as a filler in the manufacture of paper, and with water for designs on glass. Even more uses for this product can be seen here.

The Whiting Powder is a very fine white, 100% natural powder that is slightly abrasive and composed mainly of calcium carbonate and less than 1% of quartz.

How to use for cleaning

Mix a small amount of the powder with water to create a paste. Rub the paste against metals and precious stones to polish them. 

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Whiting Powder

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