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Acrylic Resin Powder

The addition of resin to paint mixtures is used when applying a natural product to a surface that has been previously treated with synthetic products (ie most previously painted surfaces). This improves the products’ adhesion. This acrylic resin is matte and transparent when diluted in water and has excellent adhesive properties with minimal quantity. It is typically recommended to add 3 to 5% of the resin to the volume of your mixture.

  • This product comes in 1 litre, powder form, and is prepared at home as per the technical data sheet below. 
  • Acrylic resin, matte and transparent when diluted in water.

  • Used in paints and coatings to improve the products' adhesion.

  • May be used as a bonding material for pigments, and must be properly diluted with water. Note that this product is compatible with all terrachrom pigments  EXCEPT the SP Pigments.

  • Excellent adhesive properties with minimal quantity.

  • Intended for interior/exterior applications.

  • Does not contain solvents, formaldehyde, or ammonia.


Warning: This product is an irritant.  Keep away from pets and children and wear appropriate PPE while using the product. Read the technical data sheet and safety data sheet before using the product.



    Acrylic Resin Powder

    $ 335.00 CAD