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Pigment Cassel Extract | Walnut Stain


IC:  NBr8.77727

CAS:  72669-22-8

Cassel Extract is composed of lignite

Country of origin : Germany


Cassel extract/ walnut stain is plant-based and uses Cassel extract to emulate the appearance of walnut stain. It is often used to give an aged or antique look to wood and wood furniture. Milk paint can be applied after to give it an additional antique flair. This product is 100% natural and has no odour. This pigment can be used in interior or exterior wood applications. If used for an exterior project, a varnish must be applied when dry for protection.

The shade produced when dry depends on how much the pigment is diluted with water during application and how many layers of stain are applied. 

To Use: Dilute the pigment with lukewarm water and mix until a homogenous solution is obtained. For a light walnut stain, dilute 30 g of pigment with 1 Litre of water. For a dark walnut stain, dilute 90 g of pigment with 1 Litre of water. Apply generously in the direction of the grain of the wood with a natural brush or cotton cloth. Wipe away excess stain with a cloth. Let dry 2-4 hours. Apply a second coat if required. It is recommended to lightly sand the surface before applying a protective coat.


Pigment Cassel Extract | Walnut Stain

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