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Distemper 160 | Synthetic paint brush

The quality of our paint brushes is linked to the hog bristle they are made of, as well as to the ergonomics of the wooden handle which allows an excellent grip. 
This brush features high-quality synthetic bristles, providing excellent precision and durability for all your lime painting projects. Its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for extended use without fatigue. The Distemper 160 Synthetic Paint Brush ensures professional, flawless results with every stroke.

The reservoir (the space between two rows of bristles) allows you to load the paint before applying the desired amount on the wall (unlike a spalter or wallpapering brush).

High quality paint brush
Excellent softness at the tip for uniform, even application of paint without leaving marks
Exceptional precision
Comfortable rubberized handle
Synthetic bristles, dip-resistant ! 
Stainless steel support
Easy to clean with soap and water

Size = 160 x 65 mm | 6,2 x 2 inches
Made in Italy

Distemper 160 | Synthetic paint brush

$ 610.00 CAD