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KIT FLOUR PAINT - for wood


Flour Paint, also known as “Swedish paint”, “Ochre paint” or “Wheat paint”, is a traditional paint made with flour, water, mineral pigments, black soap, linseed oil and iron sulphate.

FOR WOOD |  Exterior & Interior Use 


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Flour paint is very economical, 100% natural and gives a matte, opaque appearance, while leaving visible the veins of the wood. 

 Made in France by Ocres de France


It protects wood sustainably & naturally for up to 10 years.

Flour Paint is recommended for rough spruce and pine. Tannin-rich woods, such as chestnut, oak, and some hard tropical woods, may show brown stains through the paint.


KIT INGREDIENTS: (makes 5 liters of paint, covers  approx 15 m² | 150 sft)

  •  Flour (260 gr).  Provides adhesion.
  •  Pigment (1 kg).  Tints and smooths paint.
  •  Linseed oil (400 ml).  Protects wood.
  •  Iron sulphate (100 gr).  Acts as a fungicide.
  •  Black soap (40 ml).  Provides texture and a pleasant smell of olive oil.

 Add Water (3.2 liters) and follow the Recipe provided! 



We currently offer the kit in 5 differents colours (see below). The final colour will be darker than the color in powder form of the chosen pigment.
To lighten a pigment, you can use Titanium dioxide (the only synthetic pigment that can be used in flour paint). This pigment should be mixed with the natural pigment powder in the proportions specified in the recipe.


You can also create your own colour with pigments available on our site, but be mindful to only use natural mineral pigments.   

Here is an example of possible colours with pigments from Société des Ocres de France. 


Technical Sheet

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Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

KIT FLOUR PAINT - for wood

$ 649.00 CAD