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Iron Sulfate (Ferrous Sulfate)

Iron Sulfate (Ferrous sulfate) can also be called "Green Vitriol" and is used as a mordant in wood to accentuate the color of vegetal stains and dyes. Color-Rare's Iron Sulfate is sold as water-soluble crystals. Iron sulfate can also be used to set vegetable pigments in many other applications. Iron Sulfate is also used to whiten wood to a gray color (to give it an 'aged' appearance).

Iron Sulfate can be used to make Flour Paint.  For the recipe and instructions, please see these English and French links.

Iron Sulfate also doubles as a tool in the garden to destroy moss or to add an iron supplement to certain trees or plants.

Product Origin: France

How to use Iron Sulfate:

Dissolve 60 to 80 g of Iron Sulfate in 1 liter of water. This will create a mixture that is a greenish color. One coat of Iron Sulfate solution applied to a very tannin wood (like Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, and Cherry) will create a silver-gray to blue steel color when it has dried. Wood, such as maple, beech, birch, or cedar, will have a less pronounced color due to the low level of natural tannin.

Iron Sulfate is a very strong mordant, so a little goes a long way and the color results can be dramatic! 

Important Safety Notes:

Handle with care and work in a ventilated area, wear protective glasses and gloves. The product will stain surfaces, hands, and clothing. Keep the packaging tightly closed and store it away from children and pets. Do not allow children to use iron powder unsupervised. If ingested, seek immediate medical attention. Measure iron in a well-ventilated area. Avoid breathing the product. When measuring product, use a dust mask or respirator, apron, and gloves. Clean any spills immediately and wash tools after use. Dispose of unused product down the drain in municipal areas or into a septic system.  Do not dispose of the product in waterways, lakes, or streams.

Iron Sulfate (Ferrous Sulfate)

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