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KIT BADISOF PLUS all in one | Limepaint coarse finish for interior & exterior



Badisof Plus is an aerial limewash paint, 100% mineral, for interior and exterior use.

Buy a kit all in one for homemade tinted limepaint


Powder form

Ecological and economical paint made by Ocres de France

 The rate of C.O.V contained in Badisof Plus is under 5 g per litre

Made in France 



Thanks to its material and the warmth of our pigments, it is possible to rediscover the authenticity of the walls of the past. 

In exterior, change the colour of your facade on a lime facade or after a Sofix application without a  major renovation work, while retaining the structure of your current support.

BADISOF PLUS has a more grainy appearance than the Badisof. Smoothed, it looks like a beautiful Italian stucco and reveals all its nuances.

Therefore untinted, Badisof Plus natural has the color of lime (off-white, light cream). 

SOFIX is an adhesion-bridging and primer-regulating product for use before applying limepaint, for interior and exterior use.The product is film-forming. It is lightly tinted with ochre to let you see where you've already applied it.


This all in one KIT contains:

1. required primer (SOFIX) to paint surface quantity specified

2. required paint (BADISOF PLUS) for 2 coats

3. required quantity of pigment to create selected colour 

4. limewash brush for application

Example for kit 1: 2,5kg Sofix + 5 kg Badisof Plus + pigment +1 limewash brush



SOFIX Primer can be applied on a healthy support, without irregularities, on substrates such as plasterboard, acrylic, plaster, cement, stone. or even if you don't know the substrates. 

Apply  BADISOF PLUS Paint with a brush on a suitable support, after the application of the primer SOFIX. You will need 2 coats.

Indoor, you can also create smooth finish (like stucco), silky and discreetly nuanced, using a trowel on a single thicker layer of Badisof Plus Paint.



Choose your kit according to the surface to be painted:

Kit 20m²: to paint 20 m² |approx 200 sft

Kit 40m²:  to paint 40 m² | approx 400 sft

Kit 60m²: to paint 60 m² [approx 600 sft



Most of our pigments are suitable with Badisof. In case of any doubts contact us 

SOFIX primer is already tinted with ochre. Only BADISOF PLUS paint will be tinted 


   Badisof Plus Technical Sheet       Sofix Technical Sheet   

Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

KIT BADISOF PLUS all in one | Limepaint coarse finish for interior & exterior

from $ 2,600.00 CAD