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Nerve Glue


Nerve Glue is a natural animal adhesive made from cattle nerves. This glue is reversible when heated, allowing glued parts to be strengthened or removed.

Nerve glue’s stringy structure adapts well to varying degrees of wood moisture, while also offering a robust yet flexible adhesion. This glue is used for painting restoration as well as for the bonding of delicate fabrics, leather, textiles, and other specialized applications. It is a biodegradable glue which will not stain wood or textiles.

Nerve glue is often used in a mixture, particularly with bone glue, for its hardness: ⅔ of bone glue to ⅓ nerve glue. Ratio may be modified based on specific needs.


  • For a strong adhesion, mix one part of glue with one part of water (i.e. 100g glue to 100ml water). For surface treatment, mix one part of glue to 3 parts water;
  • Pour the nerve glue in the pre-measured cold water;
  • Let the mixture swell for 1-2 hours. Water must be absorbed;
  • Heat in a double boiler (bain -marie) to a maximum 60°C. Glue that has been brought to a boil will lose all its properties;
  • The prepared mixture can be kept up to 24 hours.

Nerve Glue

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