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USE LIME PAINT FOR BRICK and give your façade a new authentic look

02 May 2024 by TerraChrom Staff


Our Terrachrom Lime paint is the perfect one to paint brick and gives your façade a new look.

Terrachrom Lime Paint is applied easily as a single layer can create authentic limewash finish. It develops a patina over time, creating a unique finish like the old houses of Europe.

Terrachrom Lime Paint is breathable and high UV-resistant, and long lasting 

It can be applied on unpainted, absorbent brick, stone or other masonry surfaces directly.If the bricks/stones arepreviously painted/treated (with a product other than lime), we recommend using our Textured primer before applying LIME PAINT. Both products are suitable for exterior/interior brick/stone.




Before Lime Plaint           After Lime Paint



Terrachrom LIME PAINT can be wiped/brushed or washed off with water (or a vinegar & water solution) immediately after application. With the use of a pressure washer, the entire application can be removed up to 2 days following the initial application.


If you wish to expose some of the brick or stone, start wiping/washing off some of the limewash when it is still wet, approximately 30 minutes after application, depending on climatic conditions. Start removing earlier if exposed to sun and high temperatures.

As the paint will not appear fully opaque initially, it is important to wait for the paint to be fully dry before assessing its final color and opacity. Unlike other paints, limewash penetrates the surface and the color & opacity can be built up by applying successive coats. Limewash creates a very durable finish that will not peel or chip off over time. 

As long as the paint is applied during proper weather - 3 days without rain, a minimum of 1 week before or after the last frost and appropriate temperatures for application (between 7°C and 27°C (45°F and 80°F)) -  the limewash paint will last approximately five years. After five years, the color remains but may begin to patina from climatic conditions which yields a beautiful weathered finish that can last decades.